Miley Cyrus Acts Like A Giant Baby In Her Latest Music Video ‘BB Talk’

If you think that you have already seen the weirdest music videos of Miley Cyrus, then you may want to reconsider it. Her new music video for the song ‘BB Talk’ is really bizarre – In the video you’ll see Miley dressed up like a provocative baby rolling around in a diaper and talking about intercourse.

The BB video may be disturbing for many viewers, but what else can you expect from Miley Cyrus. It is the third song of her fifth studio album “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz.” The complete context of this latest song by Miley is not anything less than a shit.


You can see her doing many provocative things with objects related to babies and that is simply – Disgusting! The lyrics of this song are an endless ramble about her too-sweet relationship littered with gems like, “You know it’s sweet and you couldn’t be more opposite of my last d******d but you know I don’t know if I can get over the f*****g goo.”

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Watch The Latest Miley Cyrus Music Video ‘BB Talk’ Yourself!



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